About us

About us

What started as a dream in Belgium, has now developed into a new beginning for us and hopefully for you in Spain.

After building and renovating several houses in Belgium and Spain with our own hands, we can’t wait to share this passion with you.

The independent blood flows through our veins. Always with one goal in mind, to give the best of ourselves and to satisfy our clients!

With Palmhouses Real Estate we guarantee excellent service and genuine trust. As a real estate expert we will assist you before, during and after the purchase of your Spanish dream home.

When we make a promise, we will deliver and won’t let you down!

Our team

Nan De Dobbeleer


Born in Halle in Belgium, I followed love to the Waasland. As a backpacker I have traveled all continents and have been able to discover many beautiful places. Nevertheless, the many trips to the Costa Blanca ensured that I and my wife lost our heart to this beautiful region. Due to the smooth travel connection, we were able to enjoy our vacation spot a lot. In the meantime, our holiday spot has become our permanent residence and we enjoy the Spanish sun every day. We had a well-functioning chip shop for years. In the meantime, we renovated houses in Belgium and Spain and experienced this as a good learning experience. Thanks to this learning experience and the experience of our own Spanish house search, the foundation of our own real estate company was created. In my spare time I am working. Sitting still is not for me, yet I can enjoy a day at the beach, a dinner, a fresh beer or a good cocktail. Looking forward to the weekend and outings with our family. With Palmhouses I want to introduce you to the beautiful surroundings that the Costas have to offer, I am happy to give you a tour of the region, assist you in your house hunt and answer all your questions about buying and selling in Spain.

Peggy Vergauwen


Born in Belgium in the municipality of Temse. Since 2014 we discovered the region of the Costa Blanca and it quickly became clear that our future lay here. A different life, a different climate, less hectic, isn't it bliss! In my previous life, I was the proud owner of a well-functioning chip shop with my wife Nan. We waved goodbye to our career as a chip shop owner to take the plunge to the always sunny Spain. Our own house hunt gave us a good picture of the housing market, which resulted in the establishment of our own real estate office. As a resident of the Costa Blanca, the region with the sunniest climate in Europe, we can enjoy the sun every day and I would like to share that with you. During the weekend you will find me on the beach or we will go on a discovery tour through the beautiful country of Spain with our family. As a foodie, I enjoy a good meal and a glass of wine the most. A chat, some tapas and a nice company around me make me a happy person. With Palmhouses I want to help you in your search for the perfect home on the Costa's. During the entire search and also after, I am with you. A good feeling, honesty and trust are my first priority. Together we will make it a successful search!

Clancy Vankerm


Born in Sint Agatha Berchem in Belgium. My childhood and teenage years were spent in Flemish Brabant, more specifically Meise, before ending in the bustling city of Antwerp. In March 2007 I decided to leave Antwerp for a year and put my former job as a sales and management assistant on hold. My brother already lived on the Costa Blanca and this was not an unknown area for me. I wanted to taste Spanish life myself. Would I be able to ground, live, work and enjoy here? Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed it! But due to the major crisis, after 1 year of enjoyment, I had to leave with a heavy heart to return to Belgium, because working in Spain was not easy during the crisis. Spain kept triggering me and in 2017 I got another chance to live and work here. We didn't hesitate for a moment to leave Belgium. I immediately received my first job offer in the real estate world, sales offers me a challenging and varied job that I perform with heart and soul for our customers. I love helping people realize their dreams and assisting them with advice and action. I immediately felt a good match with Nan and Peggy van Palmhouses, together with them I want to help you in your search for the right home. We guide you from A to Z, from purchase to carefree enjoyment!

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